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What is PUBG Mobile – BGMI ESP Hack?

Like I quickly mentioned above, this hack is a modded version of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) with an amazingly made and developed ESP Hack. With this PUBG Mobile BGMI ESP Hack you can pretty much do anything and defeat anyone without making any effort what so ever. This is one of the best cheat kinds you can find out there since it is completely free and easy to download, setup and use as well.

But how exactly is this game modified with hacks and made into an APK? That’s definitely an important question to ask if you would like know more about this whole hacking & cheating scene or if you are just curious about how these kinds of modified (mobile) apps hack like the PUBG Mobile BGMI ESP Hack are made.

So, first of all the developer does some reverse engineering and find the offsets and values of these so called hack features. After gathering these informations as they are probably the most important element of developing a cheat, they informations and thrown into a mod menu or a GUI (a Graphical User Interface) if you will. Then they pack this GUI with the game’s original file / APK (Android Application Package) itself. And then the whole thing is compiled and ready for end-users to download and install.

What is an ESP Hack?

An ESP or the long version; Extrasensory perception is a features used in almost any (multiplay) (online) video game hack you can possibly find on the internet. This feature also has other names like, X-Ray Hack or Wallhack. And like these name give it away, this feature lets you see enemies / objects – depends on what kind ESP it is – behing walls or other objects that would normally block your vision and forbid you from seeing the said enemy / object in game.

But how can you use this to your advantage to easily beat and defeat every enemy in every single match you play with the PUBG Mobile BGMI ESP Hack? It’s quite easy and simple. If you successfully downloaded and installed the ESP Hack, you can finally go in the game and find a match and you can turn it on. Now hind behind walls where enemies cannot see you but you can see them. With this on your side, you can just camp and wait for enemies to come near you and ambush them very easily.

How to Install & Use PUBG Mobile BGMI ESP Hack?

Downloading and installing this PUBG Mobile BGMI ESP Hack is actually quite easier than you might have thought! The only simple thing that you should know is how to install APKs but even if you are not sure that is not a problem you should worry about at all because I am about to explain it to you how easy it is to install, setup and use an APK file.

So, just follow these simple steps that I prepared for you, and make sure you do not skip one. Do what exactly I tell you to and you shall not face any issues on your way. But if you do face any issues and the APK file or the app has problems working or functioning, you can always read these steps again and do them correctly this time.

  • First of all, like every instruction begins, download the RAR archive that contains the PUBG Mobile BGMI ESP Hack
  • After the download process has finished, you can now use a file manager to extract the APK file from that RAR archive into a folder of your choice.
  • Go into the folder you extracted the file into, and simply click on it.
  • Now you will face a pop-up where it says whether you or not you want to install this APK file.
    If this is the first time you are doing this, your phone might ask you whether you trust the file manager you are using to install the APK file
    But if it is not the first time, you can skip the small step above
  • So, click on install and after a couple of seconds, it should say that the installation is completed successfully.
  • Now you can finally open the game, and after you have logged in to your account or your guest ID, you will see the GUI of the ESP Hack
  • Now you can click on that PUBG Mobile BGMI ESP Hack icon and turn on the cheat features that you want to use.
  • Now dominate your enemies and show the who is the boss by winning every single match and easily pushing your rank to conqueror!


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