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Microsoft Word

  • Visual updates: Icons can be customized in the Top Menu search bar, the user can decide which are the most important tools to keep in hand and those that can stay in the back. This makes the software easier to use. It has a new search engine that can jump to any part of the document, or find the tool the user is looking for.

  • Interactive 3D models: It’s now possible to add any kind of 3D image and model into Word documents. Like any other image, the 3D model can be inserted directly into the sheet manipulated and edited according to needs, it has a display on the menu to rotate the image and has a 360 degree visual.
  • Learning tools: When making corrections or wanting to create minimal changes to any document, Microsoft Office Word allows the user to open the Learning Tools tab and play with the page color, text spacing, and have the software read the text out loud, all of this to analyze the text without creating any significant changes, once the learning tools tab is closed the text goes back to normal without any visible adjustments.
  • Translation and Review: Backed up with a highly developed system, the user can translate any document in 51 languages, the text can check the spelling and grammar, and review the translations. It can detect other languages when adding new texts to the document and can automatically translate any word to the pre-set language in the software.

How does Microsoft Word work?

Once the software is acquired, the download process will be directed by the instructions given directly by Microsoft Word, simply follow the step-by-step guide. After the office app installation, you may restart your computer and begin using the software. For extra guidance on how to use the software, Microsoft has a comprehensive and easy to follow tutorial video compilation where you can find any answer you may encounter. Their customer support is available at all times directly on Microsoft’s website.

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