Max and Mittens

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This story is suitable for children of a wide age range, from about 4 to 10 years old. It has a simple plot, relatable characters, and a positive message that is easy for young children to understand and remember. The story is short and easy to read, making it a great choice for bedtime stories or early readers.


The story is about a dog named Max and a cat named Mittens who live in the same house. Although they have different personalities, with Max being friendly and playful and Mittens being grumpy and sleepy, they find themselves working together when a fire breaks out in the nearby forest. Max alerts Mittens and together, they run to the nearest fire station to alert the firefighters. Their quick thinking and bravery help put out the fire before it spreads further, and they become the best of friends. The story teaches that even though people may be different, they can still help each other and be friends in times of need.

1 review for Max and Mittens

  1. CarlAnder

    the story is good for my 3 year old son but what impressed me most about this book were the pictures, good illustrations, my son loved every detail! Thank you

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