LoL Lobby Hack – Reveal Teammates in Lobby v1.2

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Reveal Teammates in Lobby v1.2

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a long time, you may have noticed a recent change. This LoL Lobby Hack change concerns team members’ names being displayed in game lobbies in both regular and ranked play. but it’s incredibly frustrating to think with the League of Legends Reveal Teammates in Lobby Hack that we present to you, and step away from this update and it’s really weird to see.

Riot Games decided to include this feature in order to lessen the frequency of things like stream sniping, frequent dodging in competitive play, lengthy wait periods, and toxic behavior. The elimination of players’ names from the lobby will surely have an effect on the game’s mechanics, despite the fact that the idea behind this new feature is extremely commendable and deserving of praise.


However, there is no need to fret because we have you covered here. Here, we have posted a tool or hack for League of Legends that functions quite well, and its primary purpose is to display teammates in the lobby, a feature that was only just taken out of the game by the creators. Using this Reveal Teammates in Lobby Hack, the previously hidden teammates in the lobby will become visible once again. You can have more cheats in our League of Legends Cheats and Hacks Category!

Features of LoL Lobby Hack

  • Get Names in Lobby
  • U.GG lookup
  • Dodge Button
  • Simple to use
lol lobby hack

How to use LoL Lobby Hack?

  1. Download the hack file first (Winrar Pass: 123)
  2. Now start the game as well as hack tool
  3. When the game opens, Join a lobby
  4. Now in the hack, Press Get Names
  5. It will show the names of the Teammates in the Lobby
  6. Now just start the game and Enjoy!

Developer NOTE:

[Ranked +12.22] Reveal Teammates in LoL Lobby Hack

You might have noticed that the names of the players on your Team have been removed from the display in Ranked Lobbies. Therefore, I invested some effort in the creation of a tool that, in addition to a UGG search and a button that allows you to dodge, allows you to view the players in the lobby once again. It’s nothing difficult; it’s simply a gimmick for those who want to continue looking up their team mates in the lobby. Simply enter a room, then press the “Get Names” button, and it will reveal the Summoner names of the other players on your team.

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    easy to config, easy to use hehe

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