Full Bitcoin Wallet System PHP+MySQL

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About Bitcoin Wallet System in PHP MySQL Project

You can easily start a bitcoin Payment Gateway within minutes using our Crypto PHP bitcoin payment processor. Our secure Bitcoin PHP script is developed with crypto and block chain technology in mind but with simplicity in mind to make it easy for everyone to setup and run a profitable payment gateway within a very short while.

Online Bitcoin Wallet System Features

These are the following features of Online Bitcoin Wallet System Project:

Highlighted Features

  • Support modern browser and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Strong and powerful admin interface.
  • A clean and modern user interface.
  • BTC recive and SEND to anywhere.
  • Block.IO Gateway Automation.
  • Functionality is Simple and all Dynamic Features.
  • Easy Documentation, GDPR Policy.
  • Livechat, TOS, Policies page, Security Captcha Included.
  • Regular updates facilities, Premium and quick support.

User Dashboard Features

  • Wallet Management.
  • Send Management.
  • Receive BTC.
  • BTC Wallet Generate.
  • Transactions Management.
  • Profile Management.
  • Security Management.
  • Support Ticket Helpdesk.
  • Blogs & Extra Pages.
  • Email Notification & Verification.
  • SMS Notification & Verification.
  • GDPR Policy.
  • Livechat, Security Captcha Included.
  • Comes with Multi language Features.
  • Privacy & TOS.

Admin Features

  • Manage Users.
  • Manage Receive History.
  • Manage Send History.
  • Manage Report.
  • Manage Support Ticket.
  • Manage API Setting.
  • Manage General Setting.
  • Manage Logo & Favicon.
  • Manage Extensions.
  • Manage Language.
  • SEO Manager.
  • Email Manager.
  • SMS Manager.
  • Manage Templates.
  • Manage Pages.
  • Manage Section.
  • Manage Blog.
  • Manage FAQ Section.
  • Manage Policy Pages.
  • Manage Social Links.
  • Manage GDPR Cookie.
  • Manage Custom CSS.

Script Comes With

  • Excellent support with a fast response rate.
  • Fix any bugs or broken content.
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL Injection!
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!
  • Built using the latest Strong LARAVEL Framework.
  • Passwords are encrypted By bcrypt encryption.
  • You should need GMP Extension to run it.

Server Requirements

These are the following server requirements of Online Bitcoin Wallet System:

✓ PHP Version 7.4
✓ MySQL Version 5.7+ or MariaDB version 10.2+

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